BombDash modpack 1.6.0

Well, here’s modpack 1.6, you’ve been waiting for this for a long time. There is little new here, but it has been altered and improved practically, everything is old. The version on androjd to collect while it was not possible, throws errors.


Changelog 1.6.0 Optimization update

• Everything that was in the micro patches.


• Privileges also work in modpack.
• New map – Pipe.
• New character – Elf.
• New character – Android.
• Shovel.
• New card – Gambling.
• Button of the last message in the chat (Will be useful for long commands).
• Events with starting scenes for April 1, New Year and Halloween.
• Petarda (Bonus will spawn in the New Year’s time, but it can always fall out of the varnish unit).
• Some new settings.
• Bomb – Molotov Cocktail.
• Updates and modifications manager (instead of the old auto-updating).
• A new bomb – Electric, and a bonus for it.
• +3 New start-up scenes. (2 of them are thematic, for Halloween and New Year).

Optimization and improvement:

• Changed the sound of button switching.
• Fatalities have been changed.
• The news bar is removed from the top in the menu.
• After receiving the achievement of “Honest”, the method of obtaining it is closed.
• Edit translations.
• The artillery artillery effect is redone.
• Reduced the number of enemies on some waves in the battle with the boss, as well as bonuses that fall between the waves do not disappear.
• The “Run command” button is not available in menus and on servers. (Prior to this, clicking on it at the wrong time caused errors).
• Things from the “Run Command” will no longer spawn directly in the player.
• Water is better worked, bugs are removed from it.
• On Android by the standard, very lagging startup scenes are disabled. (You can enable it in the BombDash settings).
• The damage of a mud bomb has been reduced.
• Lego code is changed.
• The bombing rate in bot-cancer has been reduced from 1.3 to 0.9.
• The cube code from Portal has been redesigned.
• The code for the homing bomb has been redesigned.
• Changed the color of the explosion of some bombs.
• The damage of a black hole explosion is reduced.
• The Parkour map has been redesigned.
• The map of the Basketball Stadium has been redesigned.
• The roof map is optimized.
• Optimized map of Cheese Island.
• The Minecraft map has been redesigned.
• Redesigned map.
• The M41 Walker Bulldog card has been redesigned.
• Recycled map of Escher’s Waterfall.
• Fixed the texture of the mountains on B plant.
• Removed shields on tops, instead of light.
• Completely redesigned command system, no longer causes lags and does not interfere with servers.
• Reworked loading – performing the necessary operations by separate threads. Will not hang anymore.
• Changes to the starting scenes: Optimization, music changes.
• Changes in the “O BombDash” section.


• TNT does not fly out of the water.
• Corrected. The bots did not work on many cards.
• Normal hares.
• The cube no longer regenerates health if it is quickly taken and released.
• Fixed a card Happy Thoughts when playing on servers.







89 thoughts to “BombDash modpack 1.6.0”

  1. Hey Xinosaur and Saif Eddine, I figured out that you maybe had same problem as i had.. Now I have got the solution for it..just follow what i mention down below
    Note-* those of you can’t access bomdash modpack on android follow these steps*:-
    1. Uninstall the old bombsquad
    2. Install the bombdash modpack
    3. Open your file manager ( I recommend es file explorer)
    4. Scroll down below to find a folder name Bombsquad
    5.Delete the folder
    6. Start the game
    It will collapse at first then open once again
    Enjoy folks!!
    Welcome in advance,
    Yours, Padman

  2. when i run bombdash and start the game as host , people cannot connect but their normal version
    but i saw some bombdash servers that are joinable by normal version of bombsquad
    how to do that?
    thanks in advance

  3. This modpack is SO COOL.
    – Tons of new characters
    – New cool and funny maps
    – Funny powerups Example : The Toxic BOX
    – Boss Battle is the best campaign mod of the game
    – And the all mods are pre-updated

  4. Hey guys. My friends and I play this and we love this modpack so much! But I just wanna know whens the update because its been about 5 months now so yeah. Great work and please let me know back.

  5. Hey I like the bomb dash mod pack but you need to make the chat command more easy and add more commands in it i love chat commands and add different types of bosses that we can enjoy the boss fight ??????? keep it up i love your work reply me plz if you read it

  6. can you please make only the data folder downloadable seperatly so that linux users can also play, we have to download the entire zip which is too big.

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