Bypass the glowing ban and free PRO version

Вот и готова вторая версия мода для обхода блокировки подсветки!

Чтобы использовать её, вы должны установить мод


You need to put it in the folder for mods BombSquad. It is in the device’s memory and is called BombSquad. On some versions of Android it may not be. Create, if it is not. AND ENABLE THE GAME ACCESS TO THE STORAGE IN SETTINGS! Find the place where you downloaded, hold on the file, press the button with three dots and copy, go to the mods folder and click to insert. ON THE COMPUTER THIS FOLDER IS IN



After installation, you can enter the game and create code for glowing.

1) Create new profile.

Marker, Color power multiplier, Accent intensity multiplier, Color stabilization 1 – yes, 0 – no, Stabilization of accent 1 – yes, 0 – no.

Lets go enter code: Select one of the markers ‘ « ^ % ; `


Next, we put a comma and write what we want the brightness of the backlight. The number is from -999 to 999. This is a color number multiplier, a little later you will understand.
1 — Do nothing (1x multiplier)
0 — Black.
Negative numbers – VERY black (Multiply the color by minus, it turns black.)
10 – Pretty bright, usually beautiful colors are obtained, it is recommended to use just the numbers from 5 to 20.
100-999 – Extremely large multipliers. It is not recommended to use them at all, the color is too bright and will prevent you and others from playing.

COLOR Brightness Multiplier

After that, put the comma again. Now select the glowing of the highlight. The same rules.

HightLight multiplier

Stabilization of color. I’ll try to explain how this works. The entire given system takes your character color (RGB) and multiplies it by the numbers you wrote as a multiplier (brightness). At high multipliers, the color can turn to white, as all RGB numbers will be multiplied, and after reaching 1, the game considers the color to be white.

When stabilizing, only the largest number of RGBs is multiplied, and the remaining ones remain as they were, which allows the most accurate preservation of the color. And with this glow.

If you write 1, then stabilization will be enabled, if 0, then off.


The same for highlight.

3)Now it only remains to choose the color that you want to make glowing!
To do this, select a profile, click edit, and substitute the same symbol that you used as a marker at the beginning of the code at the beginning of the nickname.
And choose from the usual selection of colors, color and accent, which you want to make luminous. (If you can, you can edit the script to add your colors)

4)Done! Go to the BombDash server or to the local game. If you did everything correctly, then everything should work!


You can do different colors on different profiles, using different markers.


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