Server updates

Finally! Finally, dear players it happened. A new update of our servers, which you all have been waiting for, is coming out.
In this update, just a huge number of different features, fixes and changes that you simply must like.
So let’s take a look at the list of changes …

– integration with NyashTeam servers
– full move to last version
– added a companion cube to the lap unit
– added player statistics –
– Added new ban system
– added a new system for changing the day and night, depending on the time of MSC (from 21 to 6 hours – night)
– added command / dv
– added saving each chat message to the database
– added new bombs: holy bomb, auto suggestive mine, portal bomb, air strike
– added inscriptions on hits of more than 73% (AGRESSIVE !, CRAZY !, FATALITY !!!)
– added new servers from another hosting (TEAMS 3 – 5 and ELIMINATION 4 – 6)
– added new effects for vip players, around the character and in the legs
– changes to the healing bomb
– changes in the changing text, now it is higher
– changes from bots, now they will have the same skin as you
– returned missing ELIMINATION 2 server
– bonuses returned: snowballs and bots
– reduced / reflections – / ref and / floorReflection – / fref commands
– fix broken command / rainbow in fast commands
– fixes other bugs
– the / report command has been deleted, it will be available soon
– removed a bunch of extra code
– removed pop-up labels (screenMessage)
– performance optimization

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